The definition of Variegate is "to enliven or give interest to by means of variety." The Variegate Lens brings to life all the variety in colors and textures that only Nature can provide.

Nature offers


When out in the field, there is a sense of peace and connection. When Nature allows us to be a part of their daily lives without fear, we can truly say that we have connected with something special.

Nature offers Hope

Nature is all around us if only we will take the time to look. The future of our world begins and ends with Nature and we are a part of that world sharing in a hopeful future for generations to come.

The Process

My vision

My vision is to bring wildlife and Nature to you complete with texture, sound, smell and music through my Variegate Lens.

$15.00 (8x10)

My Goal

My goal is to bring to life the images that I've created.I have lived my life closely connected to Nature and now Nature is giving back . My camera is my instrument and the images that I create is the music.

$15.00 (8x10)

The Journey

Come with me on my journey as I walk side by side with Nature and Wildlife bringing to you all the textures, music and color though my lens of many colors-The Variegate Lens.

$15.00 (8x10)